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Unlock Problems
There were 3 questions found in this category:
  1. After entering my unlock code for HistoryKill, I get an "Unlock Failed" message.
    First, make sure that your HistoryKill Unlock Code is for the correct version of HistoryKill.  The latest version is HistoryKill 2010.  For example, a HistoryKill 2009 unlock code will not work with HistoryKill 2010.  For information on upgrading to the latest version click here.
    After you are ...

  2. I misspelled my email address and can not get the unlock codes.
    Please send us a trouble ticket by going to:
    For the quickest response, please make sure you put "Unlock Problem" in the subject and a complete description of your problem in the question box on the form.  Also, make CERTAIN to include your in...

  3. Need to install an old version of HistoryKill
    Even though it is strongly discouraged, some customer may want to install an old version of HistoryKill.  The current version of HistoryKill is 2010 and it fixes many issues w/ HistoryKill 2009 locating possible new history data to kill in the new versions of IE 8.0, Firefox 3.0, Chrome 2.0, XP SP3,...

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