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After entering my unlock code for HistoryKill, I get an "Unlock Failed" message.
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First, make sure that your HistoryKill Unlock Code is for the correct version of HistoryKill.  The latest version is HistoryKill 2010.  For example, a HistoryKill 2009 unlock code will not work with HistoryKill 2010.  For information on upgrading to the latest version click here.

After you are sure that you are you have the unlock code for the correct version of HistoryKill, make sure you are entering the information as shown EXACTLY in the email. Your user name should be in all capital letters. Please note if you put extra spaces between your first and last names.

If you do not have the email that we have sent, please go to this link to have it resent to your email address:

After completing the process you should receive an email in your inbox within a few minutes.

*IMPORTANT*: Sometimes your unlock email will get stuck in your Bulk or Spam folder, please check these folders if you don't see it in your Inbox within a few minutes.

If you have followed all of these steps and still cannot unlock HistoryKill, please send us a trouble ticket by going to:

For the quickest response, please make sure you put "Unlock Problem" in the subject and a complete description of your problem.

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