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Wish to upgrade HistoryKill from a previous version
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HistoryKill 2010 is currently available and was released on May 27, 2009.   

We *strongly recommend* updating to the latest version of HistoryKill 2010 because the latest browsers (IE8.0, Firefox 3.x, Chrome 2.0) and Window (XP SP3, Win7 RC1, Vista SP2) have moved several history data locations of where your Internet history is stored.  HistoryKill 2010 resolves this issue by automatically detecting the new history data locations and securely removing them.

For a list of the new features in HistoryKill 2010 please go to the product page at:

If you purchased a previous version of HistoryKill, you can upgrade for a special discounted price.

We offer discounts to our loyal customers who purchased previous versions.

For example, for HistoryKill 2009 customers we offer HistoryKill 2010 at a price of $12.95, which is $27 off the retail price of $39.95.

To check your eligibility for the upgrade, please go to the Resend Unlock Code Tool below and enter the email you previously used to purchase HistoryKill:

The Resend Unlock Code Tool will detect which version of HistoryKill you purchased and send you to the TrustSoft shopping cart at the special discounted rate for loyal customers.

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