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HistoryKill does not auto-kill when closing Internet Explorer Browser.
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Please make sure that HistoryKill is running. 

 If HistoryKill is not running, try rebooting.  If it is still not running, see this Help Item.

HistoryKill only auto-kills when you close your last Internet Explorer browser or your last Firefox browser.  Be aware that due to bugs in Internet Explorer and other programs, sometimes a hidden copy of Internet Explorer remains can remain open; reboot to fix this.

 If you have already tried closing your last browser and HistoryKill still does not AutoKill, please do as follows:

Step1: open the HistoryKill window ---> click on Auto-Kill tab ---> uncheck the "Auto-Kill on Last Browser Window close" box.

Step2: restart the computer to take effect.

Step3: reopen the HistoryKill window ---> click on Auto-Kill/BossKey! Setup tab ---> recheck the "Auto-Kill on Last Browser Window close" box.

Step4: restart the computer.

If HistoryKill is not running when Windows starts, please download the latest version of HistoryKill here. 

FYI: You can trigger an Auto-Kill with the KeyBoard Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Space

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